Lake Norman Industries, LLC
Global Distributor of Natural Products

Superior Quality at Competitive Prices

Company Profile:

Lake Norman Industries, LLC is a local company from Cornelius, NC. The company specializes in product development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of premium natural products. The main office is located in Cornelius, NC.


The mission of Lake Norman Industries is to offer to customers the highest quality natural products at competitive prices.


Go Natural. Live Longer. Stay Younger


In 2011, the company launched the Gorelli® Products line in US with the following selection:  
- Gorelli Exclusive Wine Collection
- B.S. XO Brandy
- Gorelli Gourmet Preserves

Lake Norman Industries, LLC owns and operates under the following US registered trademarks: Gorelli ®,  B.S.®, Old Friends®, Queen of Iberia® and GrapeBoost®.
Key Areas of Expertise: 

        - Product Development and Distribution
        - Marketing and Promotions
        - Export / Import Operations

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